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Edible Solution to Carbon Pollution

Toyota harnesses heat from its production plants to farm and donate tomatoes and strawberries.

Toyota, a pioneering carmaker, has ingeniously developed a brilliant solution to use the heat and CO2 emitted by its production plants. 

It has ventured into farming tomatoes and strawberries, leveraging the Toyota Production System (TPS) and efficiency improvements to eliminate waste and enhance productivity in its farms. This has produced vibrant red fruits within Toyota’s facilities, achieving carbon-neutral agriculture. 

Furthermore, the innovative techniques developed by the company may also be beneficial to local farmers. Toyota’s sustainable farming approach not only promotes carbon neutrality but also strengthens its ties with local communities by donating the produce to people in need. 

This article highlights Toyota’s journey towards sustainable farming and its remarkable positive impact on the environment and society. Taking TPS to the Farm–Strawberries and Tomatoes Make Happier Communities (toyotatimes.jp)

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