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Movement Makes Meaningful Change

@dadynamicduo345 A place for everyone at the finish line!

“Move” is a verb or a noun, and it refers to the process of changing and transporting. Movement is a crucial element in our world, and it can occur physically, spiritually, or psychologically, either independently or simultaneously. Movement is not restricted to physical actions, but it may include the progression of ideas, emotions, and society as a whole. The mechanics of movement have multiple starting points and very few endpoints, as it is a continuous process of growth. One individual who embodies the definition of movement is Scott Ruby.

Scott Ruby is a great believer in moving others to solidify constructive improvements in himself. As a man on a mission away from his previous sedentary lifestyle, today Ruby finds himself running and pushing a wheelchair over race finish lines for shared success. “There is a place for everyone at the finish line,” says Ruby, “the key is to break through barriers one step at a time- one race at a time.”

Ruby began his physical transformation through exercise, “I felt that by focusing on the movement, I would succeed regardless of the race result, so to push myself, I decided to document and compete in the Spartan World Championship in Greece. I jumped into this, not knowing where I, or if I, belonged in this type of competition. However, I found my place, which fuelled my desire for more.”

Motivation is a powerful tool that can drive personal and collective transformation. It has the potential to inspire others and initiate change, impacting those around us to shape growth and development. Empathy is the fuel that sparked Ruby’s motivation and propelled him to make meaningful shifts in his life.

Empathy is a superpower when it comes to driving change. It allows us to forge deep connections with others, understand their motivations and desires, and ignite transformation. By aligning our values and aspirations, we become allies in the journey towards better. “Eventually, I reached a pinnacle for myself; I wanted to foster change for others and asked Jessica Ebanks to join my journey.” Tagline #borntobreakbarriers Jessica Ebanks uses a wheelchair due to spina bifida and had previously never taken part in a road race of this type.

Ruby and Ebanks became a living example of what’s possible by investing in themselves and focusing on development. People are more likely to follow someone who practices what they preach. “It was not my goal to make an impact, but as I pushed and persevered, I did impact not only my own life but the lives of others who deserve to break barriers and share in the joy of accomplishment as a result of crossing the finish line.”   

A movement that embraces change will require the adoption of a growth mindset. It’s about seeing challenges as opportunities rather than roadblocks. By cultivating a growth mindset, anyone can become empowered to make meaningful changes and unlock endless possibilities. “It is my hope that my story will motivate others to move, take the first step, and find inspiration in helping others to keep the journey going. “

Here at Vampt Motors, we believe driving is more than moving from point A to point B. It’s about feeling a sense of freedom, adventure, and limitless possibilities. Vampt Motors aligns with the Toyota “All That Moves You” regional campaign, which connects vehicles to the magical experience of movement. Toyota’s commitment to fostering community engagement is evident through its numerous philanthropic initiatives and partnerships. Toyota’s partnerships with organizations like the Special Olympics 2024 in France demonstrate its dedication to improving the lives of people with disabilities, fostering inclusivity and social development. At Vampt Motors, the Toyota dealership in Cayman, we want to know your story and how Toyota moves you.

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